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Why become a PWPN Member Photographer ?

In a time when competition is getting tougher, and anyone who has a camera can call themselves a "wedding photographer", the PWPN has been established to provide professional photographers with a way to stand out from the crowd.

So, how does it work? Simple really, it's all about networking automatically with other photographers! Each PWPN member photographer has an Availability Checker on their own studio website which is connected to the PWPN database. A couple looking for a wedding photographer visit the individual studios website and enter their date, if the photographer is unavailable, the couple are referred to the PWPN website where they can find a photographer who is available.

Alternatively, when a couple check their date directly on the PWPN website, they are provided with a list of members who are available for their wedding date, with direct links to websites for their consideration.

When you consider that every photography studio markets their business in one way or another, some advertise, some do wedding fairs, some are well positioned on internet search engines, it is simple to see how the PWPN can work for you.

The PWPN currently has membership of no more than 15 professional photographers in each county within the United Kingdom. To become a member of the PWPN you will need to apply for membership even if you have been recommended. Membership will only be granted to those who comply with the PWPN Member Rules.

How does the pwpn work?

* Free Availability Checker and Enquiry Form for your website.

* Access to 100’s of referrals directly from other local PWPN photographers.

* Supplier discounts.

* Our own local wedding fairs and networking opportunities with other wedding vendors.

* Group advertising opportunities.

* Members forum to discuss matters relating to wedding photography.

* Free advice for website design and SEO from our PWPN webmaster.

Annual Membership Fees

The PWPN currently offers 2 main levels of membership, Local or National. Our membership fees and an explanation are set out below

Local Coverage* - £150 pa - limited to 15 members per county

Additional Counties** - £25 per county pa

National Coverage*** - £500 pa

* Local Coverage - is for photographers who want to service a more local market. **

Additional Counties - is an "add on" service for photographers who want to expand their local availability to nearby surrounding counties. You may purchase as many additional counties as you require. Some members are quite happy to service their own county and therefore do not need to purchase additional counties.

*** National Coverage - is where a photographer wants to be able to advertise his/her business in every designated county within the British Isles. All PWPN members are allocated a primary county and this is the county in which their business is located. For members who choose additional counties or national coverage, their primary county will also be the county from which their business is run.

The PWPN Availability Checker displays the local or primary results first and separates the additional counties and national coverage into a separate areas below the main listings. This ensures that prospective customers are seeing first, the local results they requested, followed by a list of other members who are also available to service that area. All results are randomly rotated to ensure fairness.

PWPN Membership Rules

To be accepted as a Professional Wedding Photographers Network (PWPN) member you must be able to prove that you are able to meet the following list of rules:

1. You will have full Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance

2. You will be expected to have a website to the standard of a professional wedding photographer.

3. You will agree to display an 'Availability Checker' provided free of charge by the PWPN.

4. your availability must be updated as soon as a booking is confirmed.

5. Membership is for one photographer only. You cannot use the Availability Checker to aquire work for studios with multiple photographers, associate photographers or any other person. Only the registered photographer may use the availability checker, it may not under any circumstances be transferred to another photographer.

6. You must never show a potential client work which is not your own. If a client books you based on seeing your work, you must not send a different photographer to photograph the wedding, unless in exceptional circumstances and with the agreement of the client.

PWPN Terms and Conditions

Professional Conduct

All members of the PWPN are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical way. Members are expected to deal fairly and honestly with their clients, and fellow members. Members shall ensure that any advertisements or public announcements with which their name, or the name under which they practice is associated, can in no way bring the PWPN into disrepute. PWPN members shall at all times and in all respects conduct their professional and business operations within the law.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are due on the anniversary of joining the PWPN. You will be sent a renewal notice 2 weeks and 1 week prior to your membership fee being due. If your membership fee has not been paid by the renewal date, you will be suspended from the ĎAvailability Checkerí but still have access to other member benefits for a further 2 weeks. If after that period your membership fee has not been paid, and no satisfactory explanation has been given, your PWPN membership will be terminated and your 1/15 place will be available to a new member.

The PWPN reserves the right to review and revise the membership fee annually.

You can terminate your membership at any time during the 12 months period you have signed up for. However, you will not be entitled to a refund either in full or part thereof.

New membership fees are paid at the time of application. If for any reason your membership application denied by our panel, we will refund in full. We do not have to give any reason for denial.

Breaches of PWPN Terms & Conditions

Any member that is found to be in breach of the above rules could lose their membership of the PWPN. Complaints about members breaching the rules will be dealt with in a fair and orderly manner. An investigation process will look at all sides of the complaint, and if the member is found to be in breach of the PWPN rules then there are 2 courses of action that can be taken:

(i) the member can be given a final warning, or

(ii)the member can have his/her membership revoked.

If a member has their membership revoked, they will not be entitled to a refund of their membership fee either in full or part thereof.

Copyright Notice

All images/articles contained on this site are subject to UK Copyright Law and remain the property of the photographer/author at all times. No images may be downloaded or used without express permission from the photographer/author for any purpose whatsoever. The PWPN is in no way responsible for the content of any external websites.


Your use of the PWPN website is at your own risk. The PWPN does not represent that the content here is accurate, error-free, truthful or reliable. Users will take full responsibility for the content of their posts. The PWPN does not make any representation about the quality of any product, services, information or other material purchased or obtained by you via use of this website.

Privacy Policy

The personal information you provide is never sold on, or given to vendors, or anyone outside the PWPN.


Before you can become a full member of the PWPN ...

1. You must read and accept PWPN MEMBER RULES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS above.

2. Provide us with link to your professional website.

3. Your application will be processed within 48 hours